• What does this mean?

    -Item numbers are all new.

    -Some pack sizes have changed. 

    -We've added new items to McKesson that Moore did not carry in the past.

    What do we suggest?

    -Use the My Ordered Products order guide to filter when ordering.  This will pull up items ordered in the past with new item #s. (Click View All Medical Supplies, and then apply My Ordered Products filter)

    -Check pack sizes before ordering.

    -Placing an order that's similar or the same as a previous order?  Go to that order and click Reorder.

    Contact us if you'd like to schedule a demonstration/refresher on how to use order guides

    Thursday, December 13th

  • Looking for a nut free (and kosher - OU-D) snack at a reasonable price point? We're pleased to announce that the minimum order for Safe+Fair individually wrapped cookies and grahams is now only 2 cases. Click here to see the items available for direct ship. Need help? email us!
    Friday, November 2nd

  • Based on feedback from users, we have added sticky filters. When selecting a vendor or order guide when entering an order, those filters will remain locked. If you have multiple vendors or order guides to choose from, but only want to use one vendor or order guide for an order, sticky filters will make your life easier. When you filter by a specific vendor or order guide (or vendors), the filter will not release until you check out, or you click "clear all". Need help? Click the chat icon at the bottom of the screen or email us for a quick training.
    Wednesday, September 26th

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